Our dentists and team are committed to your comfort. Mirci Dental offers general anesthesia to help you receive the treatments you need without difficulty. We bring in an anesthesiologist to provide general anesthesia safely and effectively, and we monitor you throughout your treatment for your safety and comfort. We may recommend general anesthesia if you have extreme difficulty in receiving treatment or if you are receiving a more intensive procedure which will require you to be unconscious. You do not need to stress about treatments such as wisdom teeth, dental implants or regular checkups thanks to our general anesthesia in Salt Lake City, Utah.

General anesthesia induces sleep and is typically administered through inhalation or an injection. Our dentists may also use a long-lasting local anesthetic to ensure that you wake up numb following treatment and will remain comfortable while your general anesthetic wears off. General anesthesia is typically recommended if:

  • A patient cannot relax or calm down enough to receive treatment safely
  • The treatment is difficult to provide while the patient is awake, such as an oral surgery procedure
  • Extensive dental work needs to be completed in a single visit
  • A patient has special needs or a disability which limits their ability to safely receive treatment

Prior to providing you with general anesthesia, our dentists will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare for your appointment. This will include instructions about eating and drinking beforehand, and instructions on post-operative care. Follow these instructions as closely as possible, as they will maximize the chances of a successful treatment, both in our office and during your recovery.

If you receive general anesthesia, Dr. Mirci or Dr. Dan will contact you personally to ensure that you are recovering well following your procedure.

If you have any questions about general anesthesia in Salt Lake City, Utah, and to make an appointment at Mirci Dental, please contact our office today at 801-486-1155.