If you develop a cavity, our dentists can repair and restore your tooth with a dental filling. Filling area type of restoration used when teeth sustain minor to moderate damage, such as that caused by cavities, chipping or small fractures. A dental filling works by “filling in” the damaged tooth structure, returning the tooth to its original shape, appearance and function. There are two main types of dental fillings – amalgam (silver) fillings and composite (tooth-colored) fillings.

When you visit our office, Dr. Mirci and Dr. Reynolds will examine your teeth to determine the source of the problem. We may also take X-rays to more closely examine your teeth and tooth structure. Once we understand the exact placement and extent of the damage, our dentists will then examine the tooth to determine what type of filling will be most effective in repairing your teeth.

Fillings can typically be placed in a single visit. Our dentists will remove the damaged tooth tissue and clean the tooth to remove all traces of decay. The tooth is then filled with the filling material and shaped to match the contours of the tooth. The filling material will then be hardened to provide you with a long-lasting restoration.

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