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The Best Reference is a Good Word

I’m a big baby when it comes to going to the dentist, but once I found Dr. Mirci 20 years ago I didn’t see the point in going anywhere else. He really takes care of his patients. I’ll never forget when he called me after a root canal to see how I was feeling. I’ve sent all my friends to him. Dr. Mirci is a good guy and a great dentist. I highly recommend him.

– Bonnie

Our family was initially referred to Dr. Mirci by our previous dentist who was retiring at the time. Dr. Mirci has significantly improved our dental care. He is up to date on all the latest dental advancements, and even teaches other dentists. He is top notch. We have so much confidence in Dr. Mirci. He’s such a nice guy and his office is run so efficiently. It’s quite amazing to see. He is a wonderful dentist.

– Michael

A while ago our family had to stop seeing Dr. Mirci for insurance reasons. Going to another dentist was terrible! We realized visiting Dr. Mirci’s office was worth the drive from Weber County to Salt Lake. In fact we would drive all the way to St George to see Dr. Mirci! He doesn’t skip steps. He takes his time and makes sure things are done the right way. He’s an amazing dentist and a great friend. The staff is incredible. They’re all very educated and know what they’re doing. I send anyone who is looking for a dentist to Dr. Mirci.

– Jill

Rate-A-Dentist Reviews

“Rave Review for Dr. Joseph Mirci –

It is so imperative for me submit this RAVE REVIEW for Dr. Joseph Mirci. No prize for me — Dr. Mirci is THE PRIZE! There are not enough adjectives in the English language to rave about Dr. Mirci, but here are a few:

* Amazing * Awesome * Best * Brilliant * Classy * Gentle * Gentleman * Great

* Handsome * Happy * Joyful * Kind * Nice * Professional * Spiritual
* Professor / Teacher/ Knowledgeable * Endearing * Magnificent

* Popular * Reassuring * Hand-pick Assistant / Staff
* Serene clean surrounding for office
* Helpfulness of Dear Bonnie with flower and decorations etc.

I am indeed blessed and thankful to have Dr. Mirci for my dentist. It is important at my age to preserve my natural teeth. He reigns as the very best dentist in my entire life!

Cheers! (No wonder the parking lot is always packed!)

Respectfully submitted with appreciation and blessings,

review_stars by Barbara Ann


“Always have great service when I come in!”
review_stars by Jennifer Kleinman

“As always, the service and treatment was both personable and professional. I saw Dr. Dan Mirci this time, and I was not disappointed. Good service and good personality must run in the family.”
review_stars by Chuck Hensel
“Great staff, and Dr. Mirci is excellent, very personal, and caring”
review_stars by Rami Alharethi
“Dr. Mirci and his staff are wonderful; they are professional, honest, empathetic, curteous, gentle and friendly. They are always well educated and knowledgable on the latest technology and prceedures in oral health. Together they have helped me overcome the anxiety I used to feel everytime I set foot in a dental office. My kids always look forward to their appointments and my families teeth are beautiful, healthy and reflect the level of care they receive at Dr. Mirci’s practice. Thank you Dr. Mirci!”
review_stars by Holly Isaac
“I was in for a 6 month exam and as usual, the service was very good and got the teeth cleaned and got an appointment to fix a broken tooth. Very helpful staff and pleasing to deal with.”
review_stars by Dan Brammer
“EVERY visit feels like I am meeting old friends”
review_stars by Larry Pisto
“The BEST dental office!”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Great Staff!”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Your office has the most courteous employees of any business I know. They do great work as well.”
review_stars by jpt
“I was greeted promptly. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable from reception, to tech, to checkout. Dr Mirci is always friendly and fantastic. Explains things well and does a great job. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Dr. Mirci and his staff are like family to me. I’m always treated professionally, but with a personal touch of care–today was no exception. I very much enjoyed meeting Dr. Dan and am happy he has joined the practice. Of course, Brooke is the BEST. Thanks for a thorough cleaning and a report of NO CAVITIES.”
review_stars by Karen Anastasopoulos
“I could not believe how quickly they were finished!! I left the office very happy!!”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Dr. Mirci took a lot of time to explain everything to me clealry and to give me time to ask questions. His staff was very nice and very efficient.”
review_stars by Nancy
“Always professional and friendly. I actually look forward seeing the dentist and his staff.”
review_stars by Gerry
“The entire staff is wonderful and acomidating. Dr. Mirci is very knowledgeable and kind. He took the time to explain what is going on. The staff does their best to get you in and on your way. The wait times have been short. All in all I would highly recommend him.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“You are all just the best! Warm, caring, friendly…makes going to the dentist ALMOST fun. :)”
review_stars by Betsy
“Prompt, professional, polite & pleasant. Thank you. It was almost like not being “at the dentist’s office”. ð???”
review_stars by Martha Paige
“Everybody is so professional and pleasant,I feel very taking care of . I clicked on excellent.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“We have been seeing Dr. Joseph Mirci for over 20 years. We have received outstanding care from him and his staff. We are now moving out of state and plan to keep Dr. Mirci as our dentist. We highly recommend him to all our friends and family. We also recommend Daniel Mirci. He is, like his father, honest, caring and friendly and both are very adept in the field of Dentistry.”
review_stars by Patty Ponciroli
“Love Janna. Love Dr. Mirci. They make going to the dentist a good thing.”
review_stars by Maria
“I love Dr. Mirci’s office and everyone that works there. All very friendly and quick. I would recommend Dr. Mirci to everyone!”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Dr. Mirci and his staff are great!! Dr. Mirci is a skilled dentist, but also personable and takes time with his patients. Jana is the best dental hygenist, and though I recently moved, I will travel the extra distance to stay with this skilled dental practice!”
review_stars by Mary B
“I was called into the room promptly. Brooke is a delight and the cleaning went smoothly. It was great meeting Dr. Dan. I look forward to more “easy” dental appointments. Thanks!”
review_stars by Diane Meyer
“Great Service and People”
review_stars by Becky Spencer
“very friendly and efficent”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Dr. Mirci is an excellent dentist. Always giving great care to my family. My children have never been afraid to go to the dentist. He makes everyone feel comfortable . Great office staff too.”
review_stars by Maria Bawden
“It’s almost fun going to the dentist. We like you and your staff. Everyone is pleasant and professional. Joe has good fish stories. Jon & Joanne”
review_stars by Jon & Joanne Haigh
“Dr. Mirci is always wonderful in making everyone feel comfortable, being positive and has a smile in his eyes. His staff are all to DIE for. They always are up to date on what happened last and they make you feel part of the family. They do not yell or tell you your terrible with your teeth. They praise and help when needed. I have been going to Dr. Mirci for 20 years. I plan on continuing that and taking my future kids to him also.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Gentle, professional, thoughtful work”
review_stars by Anonymous
“I was in and out very quick for my check up. Dr. Mirci and his staff are very friendly and efficient.”
review_stars by Michelle
“Every time I go here everyone is professional and nice to me. They are very personable and treat people very respectfully. The dental assistants are quick, knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. MIrci is a nice guy too, he knows what he’s doing and how to spread his wisdom to the people under him.”
review_stars by Mazi
“Everyone in the office is pleasant, and professional. They always make me feel as though I am the only person in the office at that time…no rush, questions answered, made to feel comfortable. Dr. Mirci is the best of the best. Takes time to talk to me,and answers my questions. I have a beautiful smile thanks to him.”
review_stars by Connie Nelson
“Brooke was fabulous and Dr. Dan is better looking than his dad.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“I’ve been coming to Dr. Mirci for the past four years and I have had an awesome experience. Brooke is such a great hygienist and she takes great care of me! She is so nice too and always remembers things going on in my life. Dr. Mirci is an awesome dentist and so friendly. He listens and is very caring! Thanks for calling to check in after a dental procedure. It means a lot!”
review_stars by Anonymous
“The care at Dr. Mirci’s office is consistent………. consistently excellent.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“It was a great appointment. Thanks.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“My last visit to Dr. Mirci’s office was as superb as always. I find it easy to schedule appointments. I am called promptly from the waiting room with minimal delay and greeted with a cheery smile from the dental technician. Each dental technician I have had is extremely skilled and personable. Dr. Mirci is knowledgeable, skilled in his craft, and has his patients’ concern as his first priority. He provides sound and reasonable dental advice with the flexibility to accommodate my needs. I have received excellent dental cleanings, fillings, and numerous crowns from Dr. Mirci. I would recommend him in a New York minute!”
review_stars by Pamela Palmer
“Dr Mirci and his staff are absolutely fabulous… They are extremely kind and careing. They are also very courteous. I would highly recommend them to every one in any age bracket.”
review_stars by Jennifer F.
“Dr. Mirci and his staff always provide excellent treatment for our family. We have been under Dr. Mirci’s care for decades. We also had the opportunity to meet Dr. Dan, and as we trust Dr. Mirci implicitly, we know that he will follow in the outstanding footsteps of his father. We highly recommend Dr. Mirci.”
review_stars by Leigh Prim
“I was treated with great service by very special people. Dr. Mirci and staff have always earned my trust! Thanks to all of YOU.”
review_stars by Guy Frost
“You guys are great! Liked meeting Daniel and waving at Dr. Mirci. I always love to see Jana!”
review_stars by Jean
“Dr. Mirci always provides the most effective treatment. I have had a lot of dental work done there and have always been more than satisfied with the work. Also, he has an excellent and attentive manner.”
review_stars by Neal K Todd
“I’ve been going to Dr. Mirci for years (and years). He is easily the best dentist I’ve ever had. And, now his son is working with him–which is a huge relief since Dr. Mirci will retire eventually. I won’t need to find another dentist! Woot Woot!!”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Dr. Mirci and his staff are the best. They make the entire visit very comfortable and take the time to really get to know you. I highly recommend Dr. Mirci to anyone looking for a great dentist!”
review_stars by Katie Smith
Brooke is amazing and friendly and just plain wonderful..
The entire office from the front desk to the assistants and well of course Dr. Mirci himself are just outstanding.
I wouldn’t go anywhere else because you feel like they are part of your family and they treat you that way. Thank you so much for always being there and taking care of me..”
review_stars by Merideth
“Dr. Mirci and his staff are always very nice and friendly. They take their work to heart, and explain the importance of the various aspects of dental hygiene thoroughly but in an easy-to-understand way. I am in good hands with Dr. Mirci and his staff.”
review_stars by Geoff C.
“You guys are always great. Wonderful, attentive staff, plus you do great work. Since I have my own practice, I know how important that is. I refer anyone who asks to your office. Thanks.”
review_stars by Michael C. Lane, DC
“Quick and Friendly!”
review_stars by JG
“superb dental service”
review_stars by Anonymous
“We brought out two young girls and Brooke, the hygienist, really kept them interested in what was going on. They laughed a lot and weren’t worried at all when their turn came around. Both Dr. Mircis were very knowledgeable and friendly as well.”
review_stars by Curtis Mirci
“Dr. Mirci is an exceptional dentist because of the care he has and gives to his patients. I can’t recommend him more highly.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“I am always very satisfied with the care I receive at this office. The dental assistants are kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. Dr. Mirci genuinely cares about his patients and always takes time to ask about your life. I am never left alone for a more than 10 minutes without someone checking on me.After I arrive, I usually am seated within 10 minutes. Short waiting time. Dr. Mirci gets the job done right the first time!”
review_stars by Natalia
“It’s always a pleasure to be at dr. Mirci’s office! What a wonderful practice he has ;), my personal favorite!”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Dr. Mirci is a wonderful dentist and I have recommended him to many friends and family members. The Front Office staff is very friendly and the dental hygienists and assistants do an excellent job. I happily recommend Dr. Mirci to anyone looking for a dentist.”
review_stars by MAW
“I love having my teeth cleaned and checkups at Dr Mirci’s office. They are so friendly and wonderful they feel like family!
I can’t say enough about how marvelous they areð??? I recomme them to everyone I know!”
review_stars by Carolyn Leitko
“Most people complain about going to the dentist, but not me. I look forward to seeing Brooke (she’s like a best friend), and she does an amazing job cleaning my teeth. Doc Mirci is the most compassionate, gentle, trusting, experienced dentist I know, and he’s got a sense of humor that stands out above all others! His son Dan, who recently joined the practice, has the same traits as his dad. The Team in this office are Awesome!!”
review_stars by Pam Bailey
“Great experience! Friendly staff!”
review_stars by Jerral Rydman
“As enjoyable as a visit to the dentist is, I do enjoy seeing Dr. Mirci, Dr. Dan, and Brook. They are very friendly and show a real concern for their patients. In fact, they will call you at home to see how you are doing – if you had work done on your teeth. I would recommend Dr. Mirci and Dr. Dan to anyone. They make me feel connected and cared for!”
review_stars by Cathy A. Dudley
“DR.Joseph Mirci,his son and the whole staff are the ABSOLUTE BEST dental team their is hands down.You will never find a better group of passionate,hard working,fun and caring people devoted to make sure everything is done correctly and as painlessly as possible. I would recommend him(and I do)to anybody looking for the very best care.”
review_stars by Zack W
“I always have an enjoyable experience at Dr. Mirci’s. He and his staff are professional and friendly. My family and I have been going there for many years and am very happy with his service.”
review_stars by Tracy Curtis
“My hygienist Brooke is great! Always fast and efficient, very friendly. Thanks!”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Janna was very patient with me. She did an excellent job cleaning my teeth and not giving me X-rays. I enjoyed meeting Dr. Dan. He was very personable.”
review_stars by Bonnae Bartus
“Prompt, friendly, concerned generally about health and dental health.”
review_stars by Anonymous
“Thank you for always being so easy going, professional and providing a safe, clean and fun environment! My family and I feel so comfortable when coming and going. Everyone here is so great with my two kids. This is a true family place!”
review_stars by Anonymous
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